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Advanced Colonics of Orange County

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Can I Get a Colonic if I'm Pregnant?

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 7:17 PM Comments comments (2414)
Dear Happy Crapper,
     I'm four months pregnant and I'm constipated like CRAZY!! The thought of 5 more months not being able to poop is freaking me out. Can I get a colonic?  
Back Up Momma 
Dear Momma,
Unfortunately, it would not be prudent to get a colonic during pregnancy due to all kinds Of liability issues, even if it's simply irrigating your colon with water. I would, however recommend getting a colonic immediately after you have recovered from childbirth to avoid post partum depression. If you have been constipated during your pregnancy and you are now breast feeding, toxins that accumulated in your colon will show up in your breast milk and in your blood stream. Your baby would have better quality breast milk if your blood is free of toxic overload. So how does your blood become toxic if you dont have bowel movements during the months of gestation?
The colon is like an engine of a car. It not only gets rid of waste, but it also distributes fuel to your blood stream via small holes I like to call "fuel lines". If the pockets in the colon are clogges with old waste, which we call intestinal plaque because it becomes black and rubbery---the colon will re-distribute that waste from your preganancy back into your blood as if it was fuel. 
Most people don't  realize that the colon not only eliminates waste but Also distributes water and nutrients into the blood stream. If all those pockets in your colon are congested with gunk, which would be mucous, old waste and acid--that stuff will filter into your bloodstream and breast milk if the body does not eliminate it 100%.
So if you can't get a colonic until you have the baby, how can you keep your bowels moving regularly during pregnancy? The best way to poop every day and avoid constipation and bloating while you're pregnant is by drinking fresh juice you make yourself or made at a juice bar. These juices should be made of cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach and anything green. To make it taste better you can add apple, pineapply or honeydew melon. Fresh juice will also keep your blood clean and alkaline, which will help your baby develop with plenty of minerals and nutrients.  I would not recommed putting a bunch or raw vegetables in a Vitamix and drinking a smoothie made with raw vegteables if youre constipated during pregnancy. All that raw fiber will get stuck in your colon. Fresh juice has very little fiber, but it breaks up congestion and plaque.
Dont forget to get a colonic after you give birth. Colon therapy will also help remove residue from anesthesia or other medications that the digestive system cant break down. Yes, medication constipates you. But more about that in my next blog.
Congrats on the new baby, and hopefully after you give birth you can take an epic dump and feel awesome.
The Happy Crapper