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What's BAD about Colon Cleansing Kits with Clay, Fiber and herbal Laxatives?

Posted on December 7, 2013 at 4:19 AM Comments comments (3175)
Dear Happy Crapper,
I tried a colon cleaning kit once and the experience was HORRIBLE! Why do people think that drinking gross tasting shakes with fiber and clay in them is good for you? Ewwww! I felt like gagging, and it sent my guts on a roller coaster of constipation and runs all day. WTF? 

Traumatized Tummy

Dear Traumatized, 
Most colon cleansing products on the market--even the ones at the best health food stores are out-dated, old fashioned "BULK AND BLOW" wastes of money. 
This old idea from the 1990's and earlier was to "BULK" up the colon with fiber and Blow it out with a really strong herbal laxative. My advice is...dont' do it!!!
They are over priced, over-rated, and very harmful to your guts. 
A lot of people who call themselves health coaches and naturopaths...and even famous doctors still promote these lame, old school cleansing kits that you should NEVER buy or try. Most of the time, the bentonite clay gets stuck in your colon (its supposed to "draw" out toxins, but it usually gets lodged in the twists and turns of you colon and never comes out). You get horrible cramps and you have to run to the bathroom or have an explosion in your pants. Imagine what happens if you're at work or in a traffic jam! OMG! 
Just know this...ANYTHING you put into a dehydrated colon will get stuck in there if the tissues your colon is made of does not contain enough water. The only way you can re-hydrate a colon that's low on water is to get a colonic or two. 
The BEST cleanse is just drinking freshly made vegetable juices. If you buy a cleanse kit make sure it does NOT contain psyllium, bentonite clay, senna, or cascara segrada (these are dangerous herbal laxatives that destroy the muscle tone of your colon and makes your colon weak.  A lot of what you read and what people tell you is OLD, OUTDATED 20th century thinking. Hello, it's been the 21st century for over a decade...

Happy cleansing!