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Why Does Traveling Cause Constipation and Bloating?

Posted on August 8, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (2170)
Dear Poop Nerd,
Why do I get constipated and bloated when I travel and fly a lot?  I usually have good bowel movements. I poop two or three times a day. But OMG...when I get on a plane and travel, weather its for business or vacation, when I fly on a plane I get constipated or bloated. Then I'm supposed to enjoy my trip, but instead I'm freaking out because I can't poop and my stomach is sticking out. I feel like my stomach blows up ever time I travel. Whats up with that and is there any way to prevent bloating when I travel? 

Too Much Gut Baggage

Dear Baggage,
Since I'm a colon therapist with an office right next to the John Wayne airport in Orange County California, many of my clients are business travelers and flight attendants who have to fly every week and want to avoid feeling all jacked up when they reach their destination. 

Reason you feel bloated and/or constipated when you fly is because the change of altitude causes  dehydration in your digestive tract. Your organ tissues literally lose several liters of water when your body goes up into the high altitudes. If you have mucous in your colon that blocks your ability to absorb water, then you will still be dehydrated even if you drink water while you travel. If you're not absorbing water properly, you will just pee out most of the water you drink. For example, if you drink 5 glasses of water and there is a lot of mucous lining the walls of your colon, the mucous blocks the absorption and you'll just run to the rest room and pee right after you drink. Then, when you go into the altitudes, there are tiny gas bubbles in your body that just dissipate and the water in your organ tissue evaporates. 

Your intestines are 70percent water. If the organ tissues of your intestines are dehydrated from flying they don't move full range of motion and a lot of pressure builds up, which is why people feel bloated or get constipated when they travel. 

So what can you do about it? Have a colonic before you fly to re-hydrate your organ tissue and prepare it for the change of altitude. With adequate hydration, you will reach your destination, feel great and be able to take a normal dump and never get constipated on your trip. 

Here are my travel tips to avoid bloating and constipation:

1- Get a colonic before you fly (don't wait till you come back. You want to enjoy your vacation, right?) 
2- Bring the following supplements with you when you travel:  DigestMax ultra Enzymes, ColonMax, and CleanseMax made by Advanced Naturals. These high quality products are NOT laxities, but they will support your body to prevent constipation and bloating and keep you moving regularly when you travel on business trips or vacation.

Poop Nerd