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What is a Coffee Enema? And Why Would People Get them?

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 7:51 PM Comments comments (10910)
Dear Poop Nerd,

Lately I've heard that people actually put coffee in their colon. What's up with that? I like my Starbucks latte's...but never once have I thought of having coffee of any kind injected into my butt. Can you tell me why this is such a popular practice? 


Dear Caffinated,
For many years, many people have asked me if coffee enemas are good for liver detoxing. My answer is this: I would not recommend including BLACK coffee into a colonic OR doing it at home with an enema because black coffee is highly acidic and it will irritate the organ tissues. Then you would need another coffee enema to recover from the dehydrating side effects of the previous one. So people tend to get "hooked" on them. But there is one type of coffee enema that doctors who practice integrative medicine recommend, which is organic BLONDE coffee. The beans are not roasted to the point of creating the type of acidity that irritates the colon. The reason why blonde coffee enemas are popular, is because they activate the colon, which helps the liver dump out excess toxins stored when the liver is weak. So if you do feel adventurous and want to try this added to your colonic, or do it yourself with an enema kit at home, make sure it's organic blonde coffee from Canada. There is one type that integrative doctors recommend and is also the prefered coffee used by The Gerson Institute which treats patients with illnesses using natural method of healing. 

The brand name of the coffee exclusively for coffee enemas is: S.A. Wilson's fine grind Organic Coffee. You'll have a nice colon and liver detox experience without the acidy irritation. 

The only downside is that you can't order one at Starbucks. 

Best Regards
Happy Crapper