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Advanced Colonics of Orange County

Colon hydrotherapy with reflexology for digestion help


Can a Colonic Make my Stomach Flat?

Posted on August 21, 2015 at 2:50 PM
Dear Poop Nerd,

Sometimes I eat a few bites of food and my stomach blow up. It sticks out and gets rock hard, and it grosses me out. My gut bulges out of the top of my pants and if I try to squash it down with a spanks type under gear (the kind that smashes your gut bulge down so it doesn't jiggle under your clothes) -- it hurts crazy bad. If I wear wet suit surfing, I look like a penguin that ate a sea lion. Would a colonic help deflate my balloon gut?

Blown Outta Proportion

Dear Blown,
My first answer to your question is yes, colonics can help flatten your stomach. But before you start yelling woop! woop! and toss your spanks into the Goodwill donation bag, you need to find out what is causing the blow up in the first place.  The most common cuase of a gut blow up is pressure building up in the colon that can't release due to organ tissue dehydration and plaque in the colon. There are also valves in your digestive tract. If the organ tissue these values are made of are dehydrated, they just won't open enough and all this pressue builds up. If this was the cause, during your colonic, you would see huge air pockets released, and the stomach feels softer and starts to deflate.

Acid stomach:  If you're the type of person who eats acidy foods like lots of sugar, carbs, or you drink alot of coffee, beer and liquor, the organ tissues in your gut start swelling from inflammation. One colonic will not be the miracle cure if you've been stress eating or just living the good life consuming alot of these acidy foods. You may need a series of treatments because inflammation recedes gradually. Your stomach will gradually deflate, and you have to be patient.If you don't see instant results, don't give up and suck down a Meat Lover's Special Pizza from Pizza Hut. Just be patient with yourself. Even though your stomach seems like it suddenly blew up, it actually took time for your system to go way out of balance to the point where it just seems like it happened instantly. The condition of the digestive system gradually starts to change when the colon gets an acid buildup, which then causes mucus to form on the walls of the colon, which then blocks absorption and dramatically reduces the amount of water and nutrients you can absorb. You body starts getting out of balance till it reaches a point where its WAY out of BALANCE, and thats where you can suddenly look like a penguin who ate a sea lion. 

I hope this helps your dilemma. If you're patient and trust the process, your stomach will eventually become flatter. 

Best Wishes,
The Happy Crapper

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